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gpgdir - Recursive directory encryption with GnuPG

What is gpgdir?

gpgdir is a perl script that uses the CPAN GnuPG::Interface module to encrypt and decrypt directories using a gpg key specified in ~/.gpgdirrc.

Installation Process:

  • Verify public key:
root@bt:~# cd /usr/local/src/
root@bt: /usr/local/src# mkdir gpgdir
root@bt: /usr/local/src# cd gpgdir/
root@bt: /usr/local/src/gpgdir# wget
root@bt: /usr/local/src/gpgdir# wget
root@bt: /usr/local/src/gpgdir# wget
root@bt: /usr/local/src/gpgdir# gpg --import public_key
root@bt: /usr/local/src/gpgdir# gpg --verify gpgdir-1.9.5.tar.bz2.asc


  • Install gpgdir:
root@bt: /usr/local/src/gpgdir# tar xfj gpgdir-1.9.5.tar.bz2
root@bt: /usr/local/src/gpgdir# cd gpgdir-1.9.5
root@bt: /usr/local/src/gpgdir/gpgdir-1.9.5# ./


  • Edit the config file to use the GnuPG default key:
root@bt: vim /usr/local/src/gpgdir


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