As the title says:

Can't boot native XP-Pro in a dual boot configuration out of BT2final using vmware server 1.0.3-44356
while getting this error: "ntldr missing"


hda1: xp-pro (fat32)
hda2: boot (ext2)
hda3:swap (ext2)
hda4: bt2final (reiserfs)

lilo boot manager...
(single booting works properly.)
(bt2final out of xp-pro via vmware workstation 6.x.x worked fine...)

anybody else who had this problem?

Dont get me wrong: Setting up a new virtual machine by using a fresh installation via a xpSP2 Compact Disc works without any problems... (besides that until now i couldnt find out how to bring up a network connnection in virtual xp via my BT2final perfectly working pcmcia-wlan-card)

btw.: ARE pcmcia-cards and usb2.0 supported or NOT?

also, when installing the vmware server i got an error-message concerning a perl-script... i didnt bother about it, cause balding parrot mentioned that there could be some issues.

kind regards and keep things up in this powerful forum!