Hi there, i've been reading this excellent forum for a little while now, following tutorials, and learning how little I actually know about linux!

Anyway, I'm considering buying a new laptop when I visit Canada in around 2 months time (UK Prices are stupidly inflated) and i'm looking to purchase one that has Linux pre-installed so I can teach myself (linux first then later pen-testing with Backtrack). What i'm wondering is, if I was to purchase a laptop like the newly released HP Mini-Note which has Suse linux as an option, would I be correct in assuming that, as it is compatible with Suse, It will be compatible with any other Linux distro (i.e. Slackware / BT)? or will there be proprietry drivers that HP has licensed for that specific Suse distro.

By Compatible I mean very little / no tinkering required to get all onboard hardware working correctly (so i can get to grips with the OS & not be frustrated that the hardware i've purchased isn't being used fully). I've read that the Asus EEE is pretty much compatible straight out of the box, but i'm looking for something a little more robust.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for someone to custom build me a linux distro or be spoonfed or anything, just looking for some assurance that i'm not wasting cash on a machine that's crippled by poor software support / availability.

Details of the HP Mini-note can be found here:

Any help / guidance would be greatly appreciated.