im trying to figure out how to dualboot bt4-final with windows 7 ultimate.

things i have
2 partions
bt4-final live boot on a 2gb usb

Iam currently dual booting windows 7 beta (just updated to 7 ultimate) with windows 7 ultimate

the first partion is 138gb (main os)
the secound partion is 10gb (this is where i want to install bt4-final)
i didnt make the 10gb partion it was used as recovery when vista came pre installed on my laptop.
and now has windows 7 installed.

so this is what i need

windows 7 on partion 138gb not to be touched
bt4-final on 10gb secound partion replaceing old windows 7
i want the boot loader to have two choices
first option windows 7
secound option bt4-final

thanks in advanced for any help i recieve hopefully ive giving you enough info to under stad what im trying to do