Hey everyone I have a burnt live cd of backtrack 2 that I used on my other laptop and booted fine everytime. Gave me a menu I chose the first option, (kde). I just picked up a new HP Pavillion 6714 and I popped in my disc all excited, got to that boot menu and chose the same thing. After watching a console load all the usual stuff after a minute or two, I get a black screen with the 'X' mouse pointer, then it changes to the arrow, then the screen flashes black with some diagonal lines and it starts back at the 'X' and repeats over and over. I had a problem booting ubuntu from a disc until I boot into 'safe graphics mode' then it boot just fine, and after I installed it it ran fine, but said there was no driver for my video card. So im figuring it may be my video card, or a driver issue? Maybe its trying to auto choose a graphics setting but cant seem to find one?

Anyone have this happen before? Any suggestions? Ive already tried the other boot options and none of the graphical ones work. And note that it is a good burn, I use the same disc on another laptop