Identity Fraud: Outnumbered
Thu 3 Apr, 21:00 - 22:00 60 mins

Identity Fraud is the fastest growing crime in the 21st Century. Last year nearly 200,000 Britons fell foul of fraudsters who stole millions of pounds.

This programme features access to the City of London's Economic Crime Unit which is the UK's only specialist police unit taking on identity thieves, and explores the way that your identity can be at risk from those closest to you. It features stories of identity fraud carried out by flatmates and family members, and the way that criminals might not only be out to steal your money but also your reputation. It follows the stories of a man falsely branded a paedophile after an identity fraudster used his credit card details on a pornographic website and a man wrongly jailed in a foreign country after a criminal used his passport details to commit crimes abroad.

The programme also reveals that many Britons are disposing of their personal computers without wiping their personal details. DC Tony Noble of Surrey Police shows how you can protect yourself from these cyber thieves.

Narrated by Jamie Theakston. [S]

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I will be uploading this soon and you will be laughing your arse off, backtrack was mentioned briefly by Sophos (prog is still playing as i speak) but the shit they come out with about hackers etc is laughable

once i upload will post the link