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Thread: airSnort and Belkin F5D7050

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    Default airSnort and Belkin F5D7050

    hello am new to the fourms and i wanted ot know if my Belkin F5D7050 weas compatable with airsnort am running BackTrack 3 and i have backtrack 2 i have no problems with messing arounf with eny verson help would be greatful.

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    if your Belkin is already running under BT3 than its running with airsnort too.

    if you've not installed a belkin driver via ndiswrapper and ur belkin does not work, than search at google for the following keywords to recieve some HOWTOs for using the ndiswrapper with windows drivers.

    Keywords at google:

    Belkin F5D7050 linux driver

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