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Thread: Installation freeze

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    Default Installation freeze

    So I'm taking an Internet security course, and we need to have linux running. I've got the Backtrack 4 live cd burned and ready to go. Just got a toshiba 750 GB external partitioned into two parts. One is NTFS with 500 gb, and the other is FAT32 200GB. I was going to install Back track on the 200GB but every time I double click the file on the desktop it freezes at step 3, usually 50% into starting up the partitioner (scanning disks...).

    Any ideas what I should do?



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    Default Re: Installation freeze

    Is using the R1? Verified the MD5 of the iso? Strange hang well.
    Format the partition with 200GB. Leave without file system and try running the installer again.

    Also read.

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