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Thread: No power to PCI-E card

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    Default No power to PCI-E card

    I have a DWA 556 PCI adapter. The card does not get any power until windows loads. In BackTrack the card is not recognized because it is not getting any power.

    Why is this? Is it possible to somehow get the motherboard to give the card in the PCI-E slot without windows being loaded? Is the motherboard not supported by Backtrack? Is it a problem with backtrack at all?

    JOe K.

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    Its probably the pci-e or host controller not supported. Or its the way it maybe configured in the bios (rare).

    I am assuming its the use of some driver on windows as its probably not a well known controller.

    Furthermore, you did not provide any information about your laptop. Have you tried googling for such information linux-wise?

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    You may want to google rfswitch (Ithink that's what it's called) as that turns on wireless cards that are only turned on via windows or via a switch.

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