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Thread: Nmap report generator

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    Default Nmap report generator

    I've been looking for a nice perl script to generate a html report of nmap output. I came across the other day and got it working in Backtrack. You can find it here:

    All you have to do is install the CPAN dependencies
    install Nmap::Scanner
    Then run it on a hosts.txt file containing IP's you wish to scan.
    perl hosts.txt report.html
    By default, it does a -sS -sU -A -vv -iL $lista -oX

    Try it out and let me know how this works for everyone. Thanks!


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    Default havent checked out that tool but...

    Hey, i havent checked out that tool but i'm halfway partial to the xml with xsl you get when you run nmap with the -oX option. Like in backtrack do an nmap scan and generate an xml. If you take it over to another windows box you have to grab the xsl file it references but its good stuff. (it can also be converted to html in firefox).

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