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Thread: nVidia Geforce 8800GT

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    Default nVidia Geforce 8800GT

    Hey guys. I have searched the forum for the 8800gt and found:

    Quote Originally Posted by sYnced
    Hello all

    I chose KDE GUI and I get black screen with my cursor in my screen and it jumps around constantly every 20-30 seconds

    It works if I choose other options after booting up.

    Quote Originally Posted by pureh@te
    Did you try xconf like I told you on IRC?
    Ive tried xconf, xorgconfig, booting with nvidia drivers, deleting xconf with boot (which actually got me the furthest, other than the nvidia drivers). If I boot straight with xconf, it gives me a half black screen, half green/white screen and I dont get the bt logon screen at all. Running xorgconfig doesnt help at all. I can get the bt logon screen when I boot with the nvidia drivers, but I get some error when I try to startx. If I delete xconf from booting, I get the logon screen, but then it does the half black, half green/white screen.

    To me, it seems like I have to have the nvidia drivers to boot, but it errors out. I will take some pictures later today of each result.

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    Search for my post on the same subject, follow my steps, and if you get any errors, post the output of dmesg and glxinfo as well as your xorg.conf

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