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Thread: Test Home Router

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    Default Test Home Router

    I want to test my home network and see what vulnerabilities I have.

    I've been doing some research on equipment, and was referred to this forum, and read some other posts while I was awaiting activation.

    I was told to use Backtrack, but it seems confusing, maybe since I havent used it, any tutorials on doing simple checks on my home network.

    Or is there an easier to use/learn method.

    Also, what is a card Wifi USB stick. I dont want to take the chance of the card not fitting the laptop PCI slot, so.

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    I've the feeling that you have little computer experience. Is that correct?
    If so, you'll need to learn more about computers and networks before you can really learn to use BT.

    Do you know USB ports? Those are "plugs" available in every recent computer, that can be used for printers, keyboards, mouses, digital cameras... and external wifi hardware.

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