Hi there,
Im new to the forums and also to linux itself. Ive managed to sucessfully use the aircrack suite in BT2 to 'play' with my network using a different pcmcia card previosuly.

I decided to go for the avaya gold for better signal as it has an arial plugin.
In windows this card is brilliant, picks up great signal strenghts compared to my old card. In BT2, which i load up from USB stick when i start the laptop, this card works but the signal strength is really poor. The signal strength under PWR always '-1' when i run airodump-ng. it sometimes finds the surrounding networks and other times picks up nothing.

I thought it may be a case of the drivers for this card need updating in linux, but after some reading into linux and what drivers to use ive become fairly confused. And im looking for a bit of guidance on where to go from here.

The card is a Avaya Classic Gold PCMCIA with ornioco chipset with a HermesI Driver. Thats all the info i know how to get hold of.
Any help and guidance anyone can provide will be appreciated greatly. Ive also found the links posted in the newbie section for learning linux, cheers for those! ill be sifting through that.