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    Hey guys I'm new to these boards so I figured I would introduce myself and then get into why I'm here. I'm Jeff, I live in Las Vegas and I'm going to UNLV (Univ. Nevada Las Vegas) for Electrical Engineering. I don't have much linux experience, I can get around easily and I've compiled my own kernal for s&gs but now I'm looking at diving in head first. I'm in my senior year and we have been tasked with a senior design class. We have to come up with an idea, design a device, and prototype the device. After much deliberation and thrown out ideas we decided on building a handheld device for wireless security intrusion testing. It will probably be based on the Atmel 32-bit SAM9 MCU/MPU that is capable of running linux distros. I have compilers and development tools that will allow me to do whatever I need to do. I am having a hard time picking out a wireless module though. Can't find any modules that interface over SPI or UART that have a way of going into rfmon. This is either because one doesn't exist or because thats not something a manufacturer tends to advertise. I may end up going with a USB interfaced WLAN device, possibly the Airlink AWLL3026, and stripping it down and integrating it into my device. I would like it to run Backtrack 3 on my device and was hoping to be pointed in the right direction for source code to compile on the RISC processor (not x86). If anyone has any suggestions or comments please feel free to speak up. I appreciate any feedback. I understand that this is quite the endeavor and appreciate any support that can be offered.

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    I don't know the answer to your question, but I do know that making use of the "Enter" key makes your post a lot easier to read

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    Quote Originally Posted by Citruspers View Post
    I don't know the answer to your question, but I do know that making use of the "Enter" key makes your post a lot easier to read
    Reads just fine for me. He even used proper capitalization and punctuation.
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