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Thread: packets in aireplay

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    Default packets in aireplay


    I'm try to inject packets on a wireless client using aireplay and an atheros network card. I'm looking for ARP packets using the following command:

    #aireplay -n 68 -m 68 -b MAC_OF_AP -d ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff ath0

    It's basically a waiting game. The client was online today when I was afk so I missed the "use this packet?" prompt. I typed "y" when I noticed but nothing happened (might have been too late). Now it's continuing to read packets like before. I have the following questions:

    1. Does aireplay have a time limit to answer the "use this packet?" prompt?
    2. Now that I have the 68 bytes of information (the string content is still displayed on screen) and the client's MAC address, is it possible to send the packet manually? I can't execute a deauth attack, since I only have one computer set up with a wireless card and it is in monitor mode.

    Sorry if I missed some details, I am quite noob at WEP cracking but I have successfully performed a WEP decryption using this technique last year though. Help please.

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    you trying to crack WEP ? just update aircrack and use wesside-ng or see my signature for lame WEP cracking helper script I use

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    you could always have a look at Xploitz's video about clientless wep cracking,
    It seemed to work fine on my home network and in lab demonstration I gave the network techs at my school

    [before anyone asks no I did not crack the school network!, I asked if I could show the manager incharge of security for the wireless network why using a WEP encryption on their network was insecure. They setup a test AP for me and all cracking was done under close inspection. I do not even advisie asking but it just so happens that he and I are good friends (One of my dad's acctually and I play CoD4 with him and beat him every sunday!) so I felt no reason not to]

    here is the thread with Xploitz's video in it.

    can I just ask one thing...... if this is your network which I assume it is then why was
    The client was online today when I was afk
    if you want to test injection do use your own network as cacking into someone elses is illegal without the expressed permission of the owner. plus on your own network it is much easyer to controll conditions such as clients being online

    [let me say again, I donot condone the idea of cracking a WEP network that is not yours. I do not and have never had the ACCTUAL key for any wireless network that is not my own or for demonstration purposes with the expressed permission of the owner of the network]

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