I'm try to inject packets on a wireless client using aireplay and an atheros network card. I'm looking for ARP packets using the following command:

#aireplay -n 68 -m 68 -b MAC_OF_AP -d ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff ath0

It's basically a waiting game. The client was online today when I was afk so I missed the "use this packet?" prompt. I typed "y" when I noticed but nothing happened (might have been too late). Now it's continuing to read packets like before. I have the following questions:

1. Does aireplay have a time limit to answer the "use this packet?" prompt?
2. Now that I have the 68 bytes of information (the string content is still displayed on screen) and the client's MAC address, is it possible to send the packet manually? I can't execute a deauth attack, since I only have one computer set up with a wireless card and it is in monitor mode.

Sorry if I missed some details, I am quite noob at WEP cracking but I have successfully performed a WEP decryption using this technique last year though. Help please.