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Thread: Help Me- Using Live Cd Back|Track 2 Driver's

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    Default Help Me- Using Live Cd Back|Track 2 Driver's

    I got a dell e510, 900$ good machine for gaming and work.
    I downloaded Back|Track 2 and burned it on a dvd.(i was wondering if you put it on usb will it work?)
    I login root and toor as pw... i type startx and i'm trying to install my d-link dwa 542 rangebooster n desktop adapter but it says not find... i put cd and it dont detect it .
    should i make a new partition and install bt2 and i'm about to download bt3 b/c newer versions are better...-Contact me on msn- or xfire - nissan350zpimp

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    And don't ask people to contact you via email or IM--frankly, its rude because no one benefits but you.

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