Ok I want to appologize if this has been answered already but I cant seem to locate it in the forums so have decided to ask here in the newbie area. I have installed BT3 on to a 4g hdd as a full real install and have a 16g sdhc for more storage. now I know I could have did the live install and use the changes directory how ever this isnt the way I wanted to install this. now it works great from the HDD and here is what I am wanting to do. I am wanting to move my /home, /usr and maybe another directory to the SDHC. I have placed the modification in my fstab to mount the sdhc. the device is /dev/sdb1 and mounted as /mnt/sdb1. I am trying to decide should I add a line to my fstab showing /mnt/sdb1/home /home for example. Or should I copy the files to the /mnt/sdb1/home then remove the original /home and then use ln -s /mnt/sdb1/home /home to link to the directory ? would either conflict with any programs running such as compiz with KDE opening correctly, any of the other utilities ?

also besides /var /home /usr which other large root directory would any one advise to move to the sdhc?