Ok, I managed to change the mac on all of my computers and gained access to my home ap (which has mac filtering enabled) but............

I can only connect, if it is a computer on the mac filter list. In other words, I can change my laptops mac to the mac address of my desktop and gain access to the net, but I cannot gain access if I do the same routine from say a work laptop (which I often bring home with me) - Incidently, all macs were as they should be on all of the computers. I have tried various different wireless chipsets (centrino, atheros, cisco), and nothing works.

Please don't tell me to research the forum, or google, or this or that - I have done nothing but read, read, read, and read again, and I've lost track of how many videos I've watched - I've done nothing but search the forum and google. This has me baffled though - I can't gain access to my ap out with any computer, other than what is allowed on my mac filter list.

The router I am using is a Netgear WGT264 V3. I know this is an over-sight on my part, but I really honestly have been studying very hard here.

It's been quite a learning curve using various wireless cards, and I've learned alot, but I am out of ideas.

Could someone please have a heart and help?

Thanks in advance,