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Thread: Disable ACPI for USB to work(Edit lilo.conf) - HOW ?!

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    Default Disable ACPI for USB to work(Edit lilo.conf) - HOW ?!

    hello everybody,

    i whish to run BT2 on an old IBM TP 600x. it does´t run.

    so i read the wiki, and the wiki say "Disable ACPI for USB to work(Edit lilo.conf)".

    but HOW to edit ? i have to edit it, then burn a new live-cd with it and run it. but in the .iso-file is no lilo.conf that i could edit, and i can´t edit unter linux because it doesn´t run.........

    what to do ?

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    1) It is most likely under etc.lzm but do a search on bt2 when running it and see where exactly does it pop up.
    2) There is a boot prompt, all you do is put in bt noacpi
    3) Nothing wrong with editing and burning a new cd.

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    See the wiki here for more info on Boot Cheat Codes ==> http://backtrack.offensive-security....dex.php/Cheats
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