Hi, I've been running BT3 as a hard disk install for a couple of months, with a few little issues that I won't go into, but mostly pretty good.

recently I installed MinGW and some time after that I noticed that my kmenu had changed from the normal backtrack structure to another more generic structure with an entry for wine under which was MinGW and nothing else.

I did some googling and searched the forum but I didn't really know what I was looking for. (never played with the menus before) I found a suggestion on another forum to delete the .kde directory under root this of course made it worse, then I found a thread in here talking about .config/menus I did some playing around with that the stuff in applications-kmenuedit.menu seems to be all the right things in the right structure... but I'm at a bit of a loss now as to how to get it read...

any advice would be appreciated