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Thread: Kismet newcore and vmware problems

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    Default Kismet newcore and vmware problems

    I finally get my BT4 final to VMware. I have alfa networks awus036h USB device. It's wlan0
    I know that for kismet I have to edit kismet.conf file to get my device to work. It should be something like this source:ALFA,RTxxxx,wlan0. I can't now remember or check it.
    How should I put it to kismet new core. I can get it by add source but I have to do it every time. Wlan0 alfa.

    And in vmware it doesn't fit that quest desktop to fit it's window. It doesn also support unity. What wrong whit that file?

    Hi I have Alfa networks AWUS036H 1000mw usb device.
    In kismet old core I had to do this before using Kismet:edit Kismet.conf to "source=rt8180,wlan0,ALFA"

    Now its in a different form in kismet newcore. How shoud i do it now.
    I can do it after starting Kismet newcore by adding a source: wlan0 , ALFA

    I would like to do it so that my settings will stay.
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