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Thread: Hydra & SMB password list issue

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    Default Hydra & SMB password list issue

    Been playing with Hydra on the BT3 beta version (HD install) and came across the following problem.

    When doing the SMB dictionary attack using the wordlist.txt file in /Pentest/Windows-binaries/misc, Hydra will stop at word "A" (top of the list) saying password found when the password is definately not "A".

    When I use my own test wordlist file with just a few words in it Hydra correctly reports the SMB password.
    Is the /Windows-binaries/misc/Wordlist.txt too large for Hydra or in a format Hydra doesn't like?


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    It's probably not formatted for linux.You can convert it, or easier yet, use one of the other wordlists in /pentest/password/dictionaries/

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