So I was Pentesting my network and while I was doing so, i recieved this error messege while using Aireplay-ng. I used the Aireplay-ng -3 -b xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx -h XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX eth1 command. Im using BT3 on a live CD and a Dell B130 laptop with the bcm43xx mini pci card. *WHICH DOES WORK* I have to keep repeating the command to generate packets and use the .ivs file Airodump-ng saves not the .cap from Aireplay in order to crack my key.
Read 9245 packets (got 4479 ARP requests and 4657 ACKs), sent 5126
packets...(50Read 9331 packets (got 4521 ARP requests and 4700 ACKs), sent 5176
packets...(49Read 9421 packets (got 4565 ARP requests and 4745 ACKs), sent 5226
packets...(49Read 9508 packets (got 4607 ARP requests and 4789 ACKs), sent 5277
packets...(50Read 9598 packets (got 4650 ARP requests and 4835 ACKs), sent 5327
packets...(49Read 9688 packets (got 4695 ARP requests and 4879 ACKs), sent 5376
packets...(49Read 9781 packets (got 4740 ARP requests and 4926 ACKs), sent 5428
packets...(50Read 9872 packets (got 4784 ARP requests and 4972 ACKs), sent 5478
packets...(49Read 9968 packets (got 4831 ARP requests and 5020 ACKs), sent 5527
packets...(49write failed: Cannot allocate memory
wi_write(): Illegal seek
bt ~ #