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Thread: comparative questions

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    Default comparative questions

    1) what is the big difference from using a live install ( moving teh BT and boot folders to the dev/ that we are wanting BT installed on) and a "real " install?

    2) what exactly is the changes partition and how is this used for those of use that are not use to seeing one of these directory/partitions it is new and want to make sure myself as any others know how to properly use thsi directory.

    Thanks in advance

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    From what I gathered it's this:

    The choices are either Live (700 MB required)
    or Real (2700 MB required). I have selected the Real Install because I have the space needed for it and it will be able to run faster without the compression. Obviously, if you are using a USB drive or hard drive which is smaller than 2700 MB you won't be able to do the Real Install.
    Pulled from Here

    The changes partition is where you can make further changes to your install that normally doesn't happen when you boot... So I understand it. I do not know how to use it, but I know searching around here should give answers. Google around.

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    your changes partitions usually contains the same folders as your live install, the only difference is that it is only populated with files that are updated...

    e.g. you place a document on the desktop

    this will now reside in /changes/root/desktop

    the great thing about changes is that if you mess anything up, login without changes, delete everything in the changes folder and restart with changes,

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