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Thread: console progress bar?

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    Default console progress bar?

    i am building a project.

    i would like to make a progress bar in linux console, like this:

    |=================> |

    but i dont have any idea how to do it. i am using pure C.

    only thing i can think of is to clear the whole screen and rewrite it again, but i was hoping for a more elegant solution.


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    using clear would make it look like this:
    and so on (the command clear is afaik not clearing the text printed till now, just scrolling down so the prompt (example: # for root) is in the most upper line visible):

    <start of text>
    line one
    line two
    <here the shell becomes visible>
    (free space)
    (free space)
    <here the shell-window ends>

    for better understanding: type clear when you have some output in the shell, for example ls. then use shift+arrows to scroll up.

    Now, back to your problem. I haven't got my shell-script-book lying around, so you will have to look the details up - should be similiar in c.

    After you outputtet the line
    you make a carriage-return (not a new line, just go to the beginning of the current line!) and overwrite it. It may be a character like this: \r
    Experiment a little with it and you can change not only the last line, but several lines (like wget does).

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