Ok, so an out of the box bt3 didn't seem to have the TAP or TUN devices created out of the box to allow openvpn to work. Whenever i would attempt to connect to my vpn, i got the normal connection stream and then:

Sat Mar 15 09:08:58 2008 Note: Cannot open TUN/TAP dev /dev/net/tun: No such file or directory (errno=2)
Sat Mar 15 09:08:58 2008 Note: Attempting fallback to kernel 2.2 TUN/TAP interface
Sat Mar 15 09:08:58 2008 Cannot allocate TUN/TAP dev dynamically
Sat Mar 15 09:08:58 2008 Exiting
So a little research netted the solution with the following commands:
mknod /dev/tun c 10 200
modprobe tun
So thats that. My question now isn't how to get it working but does anyone know what file to modify so that the device is automatically created at startup? I mean i can probably just throw my shell script somewhere in at startup to do that but i didn't know if there was a slightly non-hacked in with duct tape solution out there. Either way, if you had the same prob cheers.

On a side note, openvpn is awesome for getting into your personal pentest lab of virtual machines.