once again i would like to get some help
i wanted to crack my own wpa2 key with aircrack. i captured the handshake. and now i wanted to use airolib with aircrack. i have compiled the latest aircrack with the SQLITE flag.

-r <DB> : path to airolib-ng database
(Cannot be used with -w)

so i guess its compiled and ready to use.

./aircrack-ng -r database test-01.cap (where "database" is the database I set up with airolib and the test-01.cap has the wpa handshake)

but output is just:
Aircrack-ng 1.0 beta2

Quitting aircrack-ng...

thats it. it does not make one try to find a key.
bt ~ # sqlite3 -version
bt ~ #

is installed
ivs # airolib-ng database --stats
There are 0 ESSIDs and 144308 passwords in the database. 0 out of 0 possible combinations have been computed (0%).

ESSID Priority Done

i have searched the forum but didnt find a guide to set up the database. i guess its a problem with the db.