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    The last few weeks or so i have been following this Forum closly and have really come to like it. I am currently a senior high school student in Michigan and have always had a desire to work with computer security. Mostly in the Ethical Hacking and Penitration Testing fields. I am really new to the vast world of computer security and feel that this would be a great place to start learning. I have already posted a few times on this forum and have really come to like the fast replys and the motivational attitude of this community. I just figuried that i would take some time to introduce myself because i have been spending a lot of time on BT2, BT3 and the forums. I know that im new and have a lot to learn but if there is ever anything i can do to help out please feel free to ask.

    Johnny Boy

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    Good to have you, and thanks for the introduction. Its always good to have new inspiring minds.
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