guys i am trying to get familer with back track but can not get it to reconize my wireless card..when i i run my live cd it says no wifi card, but loads the bcm43xx driver in start up.. if i run lspci it shows my wireless card as a broadcom bcm4318 [air force one 54g] but if i run iwconfig it says

lo no wireless extensions
eth0 iee802.11b/g essid off/any nickaname broadcom 4318
mode managed frequency=2.437 ghz access point invalid
bit rate-1mb/s
rts thrff fragment thrff
l ink quality=0/100 signal level=256db noise level=-256 dbm
rx invalid:0 rx invalid crypt:0 rx invalid frag:0
tx excessive retries:0 invalid misc:0 missed beacon:0
eth1 no wirless extensions
any ideas... thanks