::BT3 Beta to Pendrive using only Windows::
::by OCybress::
::UPDATED 4-5-08 Added another Process of Booting BT3 from USB pendrive::

Yet anouther Tutorial on BT

::Method I::

I know there are a few BT2/3 to Pendrive/key/usb drive/etc Tutorials on here but there Isn't one on here to just make BT3 beta bootable with only using a windows install. So I decided to mess round with Vista "I know I know" and getting BT3 beta to boot off a pendrive. I will also update this tutorial to allow you to dual boot BT3 and Ubuntu 6.06 on a 4g pendrive. "I'ts all I have atm so bare with me" and I'll work on getting Ubuntu 7.10 working something is broken in the release.

Things you will need
1. A computer capable of running aether XP or Vista. and capable of booting a pendrive.
2. Pendrive 4-8g
3. BT3 pendrive install. or BT3.ISO should work all the same.
all of witch can be found here. http://www.remote-exploit.org/backtrack_download.html
5. Time.

Things you don't need.
1. A CD/DVD rw burner. hell you don't even need a cd drive.

Getting the things you need.
If you haven't already done so go here http://www.remote-exploit.org/backtrack_download.html and download your BT of choice. Ubuntu 6.06 can be found here. http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/down...wnload-button=

setting up Pendrive.
Format your Pendrive as Fat32
-"Partitioning in windows coming soon"-
Format %drive letter% /FS:fat32

Let it do it's thing. Now open your drive in explorer Extract the contents of BT3 eather pendrive install or .ISO to the Pendrive. you will have


In your pendrive go into Boot and copy everything in this folder to the root of your pendrive.

now run CMD again Start>run>cmd go to your pendrive in my case F: and run bootinst.bat

it will tell you to make sure the path your running this batch file from is the drive you want to make bootable. so in my case it would be F: after a few seconds it should tell you %drive% is now bootable.

Your allmost done wow that was easy eh.

Reboot your computer and let it boot from your pendrive you should be presented with a selection screen in BT3 select witch ever option suits you. if you want BT3 to save changes select the changesave option should be the 4th option and viola you should be running BT3/BT2 off your pendrive.

This is a quick Tut so I will polish this Tut as I go. I find it better to document my findings while I do them.

Soon to come.
1. Partition your Pendrive to support BT3/2 and Ubuntu.
2. Install Ubuntu on your pendrive using BT3/2
3. Edit your Grub menu.lst if needed.

Thank you Xploit and everyone els who brought BT2/3 to everyone Credit goes to you guys. If you find this Tut usfull as always leave a comment of if you have any Q's feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my ability's

::Method II::

Ok this Method is very simple.

What you will need.
1. USB pendrive.
2. A computer/laptop "usb bootable Bios not needed"
3. BT3.iso GRUB4DOS Floppy Image mounting software. and Wolvix floppy img

Wolvix Floppy disk img can be found here http://wolvix.org/filebrowser/files/bootdisk
get wolvix-1.1.0-usb_cd_boot.img and save it to your desktop next you will need to get VFD21 http://chitchat.at.infoseek.co.jp/vmware/vfd.html and download it to your desktop now go and get GRUB4DOS if you haven't already you only need one file out of GRUB4DOS.

Lets get started.
copy the contents of your BackTrack2/3 to the root of your pendrive.
nav to USBDrive/Boot/isolinux and find the CFG file. after finding this file open it in wordpad looks nicer.

in the CFG files the Ramdisk is set to 6666 works alot better if you change that # to 40000 Kernel doesn't hang just go to edit and replace put 6666 in the top field and 40000 in the bottom field and hit replace all. do the same for the CFG file in SYSLINUX folder /boot/syslinux

now in your USB root make a file called LiveCD.sgn this is so the .img file we downloaded finds your USB.

extract GRLDR out of GRUB4DOS to the Root of C:\
Now make a menu.lst in the Root of C:\
add the following lines to menu.lst
************************************************** ****
color black/cyan yellow/cyan
timeout 30
default 0

# This finds and loads your Windows XP.
title Microsoft Windows XP (hd0,0)
find --set-root /ntldr
chainloader /ntldr
rootnoverify (hd0)

#This boots from a floppy disk image situated on the HDD
title Boot from BackTrack3 Floppy Image
map (hd0,0)/backtrack3-usbfloppy.img (fd0)
map --hook
chainloader (fd0)+1
rootnoverify (fd0)

************************************************** ****
now extract VFD21 and run vfdwin.exe in the Driver Tab hit install then start go to the Associations tab and make sure .IMG is checked. go back to the main tab Drive0 click on Open/create now open the .IMG file we downloaded awhile back. the Icon on the .IMG file should change just double click on it and it will open in explorer. Make sure Show hiddin file and folders and show important system files is unchecked in the folder tools tab in explorer were looking for autoexec.bat open it in wordpad

this is what were looking for

cd boot\dos
goto end

cd boot\dos
goto end

now change wolvix to BT2.bat or BT3.bat depending on what ver your planning on running. Save Autoexec.bat

now Depending on what name you entered in menu.lst Save the image to the Root of your C:\ and name it backtrack3-usbfloppy.img

The last thing you need to do it edit your Boot.ini add the following line to the bottom
save it and reboot your computer select GRUB4DOS and your on your way. hope this helps I will pollish both of these methods up soon i need to get my power turned back on .. ;(
::Xploit If you see this will you add this tutorial into my sig .. it wont let me do it.. thanks in advance::