Vyrus from DC949 said he talked to someone involved in BT at schmoocon about getting skynet on the next version of BT. The version he gave out when he was in DC wasn't really finished yet. We now have a much less crappy version of it, which is publicly available.

Skynet is a pretty simple shell script which will audit a WEP encrypted access point. The nice thing about it is that you just have to pass in the essid, bssid, channel, and the interface wifi interface you'd like to use. The script is still under pretty heavy development, and we have some locals helping us test it to make it better, but it works just as often as aircrack works if run systematically. We have some logic to help troubleshoot common errors and we're expanding on it as much as possible.

There's also now a helper script which will show you all the WEP encrypted (according to iwlist) access points and their signal strengths in the area. It will print a menu listing the available APs using WEP (sorted in descending order by signal strength, of course) and prompt the user to enter the one they'd like to audit. Then it'll launch skynet (which should be in your path) and that should take care of the rest. So auditing an AP is as simple as: 1.) run the helper script 2.) pick your AP and 3.) wait for the key.

The scripts are available on dc949.org. Vyrus and I are the authors, and we're eternally looking forward to making the script better, so comments, suggestions and patches are welcome. Thanks, and enjoy.

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