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Thread: Swapping out PCMCIA card with mini-pci?

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    Default Swapping out PCMCIA card with mini-pci?

    Hey guys, this isn't a "which card should I buy" so don't yell =)

    I currently have a G650 which worked great until I snapped it in half (don't ask lol) I am looking to replace it with something and found a orinoco gold mini-pci card to go into the back of my laptop instead of using a PCMCIA card. Are there any downsides to this? Will the same drivers work correctly even though it's using a different bus?


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    Pay close attention to the actual chipset used.
    Often you'll find an FCC ID# which should aid your search.
    Failing that even the model number should help, but be aware that sometimes manufacturers switch chipset in mid-production whilst maintaining the same model number.

    As for the differing bus issue, no, as long as it's a supported chipset you'll be fine

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