Hello again everyone. This is week 4 starting out with BackTrack 2 and Iv learned so much. Iv been talking with a teacher at my college (Modesto Junior Collage) in CA. I'm in his Oracle Administration on Thursday Nights. This professor introduced me to BT. We have been in close contact over the last few weeks discussing issue and problems and questions relating to BT. we've been having a lot of fun with it, untill now....

He came up to me 2 days ago and said ">Dar> I want you to see if you can hack Oracle 10g out-of-the-box using BackTrack in front of the class this Thursday because we are starting Security". I said "sure"....

Well my sure was pretty sure...until I got stuck. I have googled my eyes out at the moment and am 99% stumped.

Heres my presentation based off of some internet information and things that iv read.

1. Obtain IP address of the box running Oracle 10g.
2. Connect on to that network.
3. Use Nmap to find Oracles Service and the listener(s) port.
4. Use Sidguess to find the SID of the database
5. Load SQLPlus from the BackTrack CD.
6. Log into the database.

Thats where I get stuck. I need to log into the database. I know the SID and the Port and IP Address which is everything you need to connect to the database but I don't know of any user name and password information. I loaded 10g in the lab and looked at the users and theres only like 2 that the password is default that has not expired. Ill need to brute force or dictionary the passwords. The "Sys" or "System" accounts Would work best I think.

The goal is to gain DBA privileges in the database from scratch.

I looked into Hydra but BackTrack's Hydra does not support Oracle stuff (I think) and I cant find anything really on Oracle on the updated Hyrda.

I think getting access to ANY oracle account with work, cause then I might be able to brute SQL force it to get me DBA privileges.

I think I might get extra credit for the presentation tommrow. But I need some help getting this. I have about 23 hours till I need to give it.

I did tell the professor that I might not be able to do it, He said "ok...try to get it by the end of the semester"