One of Offensive Security/Remote-exploits own Barbsie has a tool in BT3 called dnsenum. The release was anounced in another thread however it needs a few extra packages to get going so I figured I do a little write up.

Special Thanks to linuxchuck for helping me with finding the perl modules

Anyway its not hard. Download the tool here.

It goes in the /pentest/enumeration/dnsenum folder. I just deleted all the old stuff in there and replaced it with the new files. The kde menu link is the same if you do it that way. No need to change that.

All that was still needed was 2 Perl modules which are HERE and HERE.

In order to install a perl mudule just

bt~#tar xzvf (filename).tar.gz
bt~#cd (filename)
bt~#perl Makefile.PL
bt~#make test
bt~#make install

Do that for both files and now you brand spanking new version of dnsenum should be ready to go.

Thanks again to linuxchuck for the help