After an agonizing few days trying to install bt3 beta to my hdd without rewritting my mbr...and losing xp pro partiotion.. I managed to succesully get a dual boot system running.

I have 2 partitions so far 5.1gb for backtrack and 31 gb for xp

boots fine...however...

even if i select persistent changes from the bt3 boot menu any changes i make to system are lost upon reboot.
I once found help how to save some changes by using the make changes module process...which I cant find anymore~?? which now keeps my keyboard and wallpaper settings.. but not my kismet.conf changes and or my new zd1211 firmware for usb wan adapter or newly installed ad1211 drivers.

I read here somewhere about needing an ext2 partition and saving changes to this... will this work? do i need to to make changes module each time I change something??
sorry for being a newbie.. but am fast learner.
Thanks for any helpful information you can offer.