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Thread: Troubles with Ettercap

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    Default Troubles with Ettercap

    I'd been using ettercap on my other computer, which has the pre-final version of BT4 installed on it for a while and just recently installed BT4 on this computer (if you need specs just ask) most everything seems to be working fine except one of my favorite programs, ettercap, has been acting pretty funky (no pun intended). Anyway for some reason whenever I go to ARP poison my network, and then check with chkpoison I get an error "No poisoning between ______ addresses." Any thoughts?

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    Just check the ARP table on your other computer. Why rely on a faulty plugin in place of cheking directly?

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    Question Re: Troubles with Ettercap

    i have noticed that on different set ups. Ettercap can be a little picky some times it takes 4 or 5 try's some times not using target 2 or 1 some times it says its a no go but i go to veiwconectsions and a see them and my filters running. i have just learned to wotk with it.

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