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Thread: asus F9sg210DV for backtrack 2

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    Default asus F9sg210DV for backtrack 2

    hello everyone...

    Before I post this message, I searched the internet about backtrack 2 compatible laptops for quite some time. And I decided to buy an asus F9sg210DV laptop. But the problem is that I don't know if it is compatible for backtrack 2. I want to install backtrack 2 into it and do not wanna use Vista or XP with it on this laptop. I called the company (ASUS) about installing a linux distribution into it and they said that they have no idea about installing linux on this specific machine. They told me to search the drivers for it from the web site of theirs and do the installing process manually. I searched the site of theirs and there are only vista .exe files for it.

    Well let me cut it short... I know that the backtrack 2 has the laptop compatibility list but all the models are so old and outdated even I cannot find to buy any of them in a store nowadays. If anyone has any idea about any kind of laptop (from the new models) which works perfectly for backtrack 2, please let me know.

    Thank you so much in advance...


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    Not sure if I followed you correctly on this one but
    did you look at the wiki?
    You said the internet and maybe you did not look there.?

    If you already have the laptop you mentioned then why not download bt2 or 3beta and run it off of a live cd or dvd ? If it works live then it should work as a regular install.
    I hope this helps as I stated above your post was a little hard for me to follow.
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