I was playing with pushing distro's cross-network with pxe, and ran into a file size limit with atftp. I was attempting a 86 meg initrd (sry if that bothers you, but i was dropping the sqfs in there too, >_<. if it makes you feel any better, i also tried keeping the orig initrd the same, and creating an alternate cpio/gz archive containing just the sqfs, which works as well. Just at the initrd append put the orig, then a comma, and the second one, lol EX: initrd=puppy/initrd.gz,puppy/otherInit.gz) But as i was saying, it was throwing an error with blksize option, asking me to increase it if i wanted to send a file of that size.
With atftp, there is a way to remove the blksize variable, but no way to alter it, seeing as how atftp conforms to certain 'standards' according to what i found online. However, opentftp does not conform to said standards, and instead allots blksize to vary on the fly. I saw this as advantageous, and was wondering if it could be implemented as the default. I understand that imaging pushing through pxe is not the original intent of this distro, but i just wasn't sure if this limitation would impact anyone else. Also, the same limitation resides in tftpd-hpa. Opentftp was the only one i could find that works, and the only annoying element of it is that it doesn't come with a init.d script. It's just a stand alone daemon, however i suppose you could just implement it in inetd.conf.