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Thread: hda1 was not cleanly unmounted

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    Default hda1 was not cleanly unmounted

    I have Backtrack3 installed in a virtual box. I get this Error every time i start backtrack3

    "/dev/hda1 was not cleanly unmounted, Check forced"

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    Did you configure the virtual machine to have scsi or an ide drive?

    Did you follow any tutorial on how to do the hard drive installation?
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    It's to do with the rc6 script thts in your /etc/rc.d folder. It run when you reboot of power off your system. You'll notice it when ya reboot/poweroff. All you need to do is copy the script from your Backtrack 2 live cd and copy it in the /etc/rc.d directory and you need to overright it AND MAKE SURE IN THE PERMISSIONS its checked as being executible

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