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Thread: Problems with NeoMagic 256 audio device on IBM ThinkPad 600E

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    Default Problems with NeoMagic 256 audio device on IBM ThinkPad 600E

    I had installed BT3B on this notebook, it works perfectly but i still cant find out how to get the sound driver working. I know that autoconf. cannot find it because it is an onboard card an it just ignoring it... I have found many other people whit this problem even on other linuxes whit the NeoMagic 256 audio device and tried to do everything to make it work, but in any other linuxes are other ways to fix this problem and no one of them worked on BT3B. I have found even a web-page whit solutions for concrete linux systems {Ubuntu, RedHat and a few more}, but no one of them has worked with BT3B on my machine.
    If there is someone, who knows how to get it work, please help ... i am only starting to switch from Win. to Linux systems and i do not know much about linux sound-structures. I have not seen any better linux for Wifi-users like my and some of my friends, thats, why i do not want to switch to another one. But the not working sound in it is an "kick in the ass" ...

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    Thinkpad 600E has Crystal SoundFusion 4610 sound chip.
    here is very usefull information and solution:
    h**p:** **
    works it with 2.6.9, 2.6.13 and 2.6.15/16/17 kernels
    proably it will work on bt3b 2.26.21 patched kernel too ...
    try it.


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