I am trying to teach myself C++ Programming. Partly because I feel I need to be able to contribute something back to the *nix Conmmunity, partly because I will likely need it for the career path I want to take in the future, and partly because I like a challenge (When I last looked at C, the only thing I knew was ASM on the Z80, and I hated it).

I have a "For Dummies" book (Don't laugh too much, Library loan) and have found a website that seems quite informative (cprogramming.com).

I am one of the awkward people that need to know WHY as well as HOW before everything clicks into place (I write some nifty BASIC, alas, that will get me nowhere and it's sloooow even when compiled).

Has anybody any other suggestions that you think will help me (Links to sites you though were great, references etc? Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Cheers, InSanCen.