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Thread: Help needed AWLC4130

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    Default Help needed AWLC4130

    Im such a n0ob...

    Im using BT3 have an Acer laptop... and obviously an IPW2200 (with it I already cracked my own router)

    I readed in this and other places that a cheap and useful card was the AWLC4130. (yes I went and bought it)

    Connected, turned on my backtrack...

    tried a bunch of steps and nothing... it seems like cant inyect...

    I followed the steps in this video -=Xploitz=- VIDEO: Volume #1 "E-Z No Client WEP Cracking Tutorial" (since I dont have 15 posts cant post the URL)

    and I got stuck on the step when he does the -1 attack... there my card do nothing...

    Then says something about to get closer to the AP, or my card cant inyect, or a bunch of things I cant remmember but I guess you do.

    Can anybody guide me please?

    How do I succesful crack the WEP of my 2wire router... (with my new card)

    Anything thanks in advance...

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    Just burned his ISO
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    NVM Thanks anyways... I made it, even faster than with my ipw2200

    sorry for this spamm, I was just mad cause I couldnt made it at the first try...


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