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Thread: Trouble cracking wep with Intel/ProWireless 2100

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    Default Trouble cracking wep with Intel/ProWireless 2100

    Hello everyone. I finally decided to post after 7h of research on how to crack a wep key using aircrackng. I've tried following lots of tutorials on the net but I can't get past the part of authentication. I keep getting the message "Sending authentication request" over and over until it fails. I don't think my router has mac filtering on since I havent enabled that option and the routers that my isp sell dont come with that by default.
    I got and Intel Pro Wireless 2100 miniPCI b card. As fas as i've read this card supports packet injection. I tried unloading and reloading driver with airdriverng but no success.
    Can anyone please help me? I'm kinda desperate!
    Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    i don't think it does, but im going to bump this anyway because i've heard that you can get other drivers for the card that support injection. can anyone confirm this, and if so, how would i go about using the other drivers? thanks

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    I suspect that this card is not supported according to Wiki & Aircrack-ng docs.
    have a look HERE & HERE

    Give this a try.

    iwconfig <interface> rate 1M
    test using
    aireplay-ng -9 <interface>
    if its showing Injection is working well & fine
    and carry on with operation

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    The ipw2100 supports monitor mode but not injection. You can still crack wep without injection but you will have to collect a lot of data packets from an authenticated client with airodump or kismet.

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