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Thread: BeEF Framework - No Zombies (Zombie browser connected)

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    Default BeEF Framework - No Zombies (Zombie browser connected)


    I have been having a strange issue with BeEF. I have successfully edited etter.dns and use ettercap to dns_spoof my test machine to my server address and the Zombie is detected on the right side of the BeEF Framework page (, but for some reason it still says no Zombies on the left side of the page and under the zombies dropdown menu. I have tried redirecting the test machine to just the beef/hook directory and also every sample page within the hook directory. I have used both dns_spoofing, xss redirecting, and plain connecting manually in the test machine, and all produce the same results: the zombie is detected and it shows their browser information on the right, but the zombie is not avaible for testing exploits


    This behavior mysteriously stop occuring when sending the target machines to my ip followed by the example.php page again (e.g. http://***.***.*.*/beef/example.php).

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