Hello forum,

I had experienced a little "error", or better say unexpected behavior, on backtrack 2 and 3.

The problem is that backtrack will try to configure all network interfaces on startup. I have a T43 ThinkPad laptop with a wireless interface. When I boot up the wireless card starts sending probe requests in order to register with an access point in range. This leads to a problem regarding your privacy because the probe requests are sent with your real MAC address. So anyone sniffing and/or logging wireless traffic will be aware that you have just booted your computer and you have a wireless interface made by intel.

I think it would be a great boot option to backtrack that tells the system to bring up wireless interfaces in monitor mode by default (in monitor mode the wireless card from my laptop is not sending any probe requests), or simply starts the system with all interfaces down, and one can bring back the interfaces on request not by default.

What do you think?