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    Unhappy Fatal server error

    hi, my probleme and this after startx (from USB and DVD) Fatal server error: no screens found I have tried all that that I knew but alone I don't arrive there, my material and: hp pavillon dv6 1200 sls + ati radeom mobilizes 4500hd, with bt3 I don't even have the possibility to give the command startx it stops him with the black screen, I have a possibility to be able to start bt3 or bt4, thanks

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    Default Re: Fatal server error

    Try the command:

    before you type "startx".

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    Default Re: Fatal server error

    You may want to try searching harder next time for your error as it's literally all over this forum.

    Here's the link for getting ati radeon cards to work (NON FGLRX!) with a sample xorg.conf.

    If doing an lspci -nn|grep vga doesn't show something similar to this (Note: This is for my 9250 card which runs at 1440x900, your's will look different but should at the LEAST show ATI):

    01:0c.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc RV280 [Radeon 9200 PRO] [1002:5960] (rev 01)

    Then you're going to have to try messing with the FGLRX proprietary driver, or search google for your specific card and issues to get it working in Ubuntu
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    Thumbs up Re: Fatal server errorr resolved

    finally here is the solution with a command:
    # startx

    and bt4 ok

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    Default Re: Fatal server error

    and possible to create an iso or USB with driver installed ati? is it as? thanks

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