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Thread: VAIO VGN-FZ140E, Mixed Results

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    Default VAIO VGN-FZ140E, Mixed Results

    Let me start by saying that you guys rock; thanks for another quality release.

    I have a Sony VAIO VGN-FZ140E which, except for the on-board Wifi, works flawlessly in BT2. In BT3 beta however, there are some new problems.

    Problem 1: It freezes randomly requiring a hard reboot.

    Several times during boot up it has frozen on "Mounting root local filesystems:" or something (not sure the exact line of text, will update once it happens again).

    Also it sometimes freezes randomly once fully loaded. For example, I was typing out this post the FIRST time (with no other applications running) and it just went comatose and the only activity I get is the slow, steady blinking of the caps-lock and scroll-lock LEDs.

    Problem 2: Screen not centered in display.

    Not a serious one but the desktop is output as 1024x786 and justified to the left on my 16:9 screen. In BT2 it was output as 1024x768 and centered. Like I said, not a big deal, I have already gotten used to it.

    Problem 3: On-board Wifi Slow-Crashes OS upon injection

    EDIT: Ok, after some research I realize now that this is a problem many people have been waiting to be fixed for a while now. So yea, disregard this problem

    The on-board wifi for this particular laptop was not even recognized in BT2 so it was a surprise for me to see it not only recognized properly by BT3 but also successfully capture an EAPOL handshake! However when I attempted to run the injection test (aireplay-ng -9 wlan0) it kind of freezes and slows down the entire OS. You can still use the mouse and all but the keyboard seems dead and even trying to reboot doesn't work fully. Even though it's not totally frozen, you still need to hard reboot.

    airmon-ng says that the wireless device is:

    wlan0 iwl4965

    Here are the specs:
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T7100 / 1.8 GHz Data bus speed 800 MHz
    Chipset type: Mobile Intel GM965 Express Cache
    Memory Type: L2 cache Cache size 2 MB
    Installed Size 2 GB / 4 GB (max)
    Technology: DDR II SDRAM - 667 MHz
    Memory specification compliance: PC2-5300 
    Storage controller type: Serial ATA Storage
    Hard Drive: 200 GB - 4200 rpm
    Video: Intel GMA X3100 Video Memory Dynamic Video Memory Technology 4.0
    Wireless NIC: Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN
    Networking standards: IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11b, 
    IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n (draft)
    If there is anything else you need from me or tests you would like me to run, let me know.

    Thank you.

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    Problem 1: flashing leds on keyboard leds such as Num lock, Caps lock, Scroll lock denotes kernel panic. Try parsing boot hacks to see if that helps

    Problem 2: Sounds like wide screen issue

    Problem 3: ipw cards are crap.

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