i just figured out how airolib works
ive tried to import a 230 mb wordlist,which is the updated argon wordlist without that crap
ok,i know,the argonlist is worse
but i wanna test to import my first list so i use this one because its a little ;D
everythings works fine but when i batch the file it seems that computing the pmks will last forever !!
now the screen shows me that 2625000 pmk has been computed
here the output:
airolib-ng testdb --batch
computed 2625000 pmk in 16147 seconds (162 pmk/s,100000 in buffer).

its seems the pmks has to be tranfered from the buffer to the harddrive and that takes so long

iam not that pro with airolib so i could not figured out what might be the problem is :C
additional here is my system:
intel centrino core duo 2ghz, 2gb ram, enough harddiskspace,its a notebook,
iam using bt3 which has been installed with a sec partition for saves on a 4gb usbstick

so whats the problem ?
is it normal that the process last so long?
oh my god,nooo
if thats true, would a bigger file like 2gb or a raintablefile would really last forever

now iam 100% sure that there is a problem
i checked the status of the db and it seems that the 230 mb wordlist actually has made a 700 mb db !?!
what the .. ??
and there is no end !
the process is still running
over 20000000 pmks computed !
i had to wait 6 hours to get this status !!
so what is going wrong in here ?

please help me because iam so sick of it :C