Hi guys,

Lots of us use 2 different languages in either reading or writing, and for sure KDE in BT3 supports that with no problem. No lots of us are comfort with the keyboard switch (ALT+SHIFT) to change the writing language layout, so to do that in BT3 all you have to do is this:

vi /root/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals
Search for the following line:
Switch to Next Keyboard Layout
And change it to something like this:
Switch to Next Keyboard Layout=Alt+Shift_L;Alt+Shift_R
close and save the the kdeglobals file.

Note: You may need to logout and login and you have the ALT+SHIFT layout switch working. For me I didn't need that :P

Sorry this thread is posted here, as I'm still a newbie so I can only post here ...

regards to all,
rul3z ...